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Install Fire Alarm System to Detect and Prevent Fire from Occurring

While the main aim of your protection strategy should be focused on prevention, automated early warning detection offers essential protection. Each second saved means more time to safely evacuate the building and will also minimise potential damage and disruption.

The Fire regulatory reform act in 2005 places responsibility on the responsible person to undertake risk assessments to ensure the safety of the building and occupants.

Flamefast offer a refreshing approach to the design of detection systems which use industry standard equipment suited to your specific requirements.

Key steps for fire safety are:

Risk Assessment

Undertake a risk assessment to establish the requirements for your business.

System Installation

Installation of a properly designed system will automatically detect a fire at the earliest stage, helping to save property and lives.

Suppression Systems

Protect your assets or Critical areas containing sensitive equipment or valuable data with an automatic suppression system using environmentally friendly solutions.

BAFE SP203 Accreditation

Flamefast holds a Bafe SP203 accreditation

If you require fire protection services for your premises then YOU NEED BAFE to be sure that the companies who provide them meet all the appropriate standards and are independently audited. BAFE third party certificated schemes are a recognised measure of the quality required to provide fire protection services.

For more information on BAFE, vist their web site here

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