Supply & Installation

Fire detection supply and install service

Flamefast Fire Suppression Offers a Supply, Install and Maintain Service to Customers Around the UK

We offer a national installation service from our network of geographically based engineers who are competent to install new systems or modifications to existing systems.

Our highly qualified team can advise you on the various types of systems and equipment available and which will best serve your needs.

All alarm systems are installed in strict accordance to the British Standards and The BAFE fire protection approval SP203

The installation of systems is overseen at every step by our team of Project Managers who will ensure the following:

  • Minimum disruption to your day to day activities
  • Compliance with specification and standards
  • Maintaining agreed program
  • Effective on-site management and communication

System Supply

There are currently three types of protocol available in the market at present which can be summarised as follows:

Open Protocol

Products in this category are manufactured by companies who sell their products through wholesalers and reputable fire system companies.

Managed Protocol

These systems are limited to a number of distributors who have the necessary distribution agreements for the product and the software to program the systems.

Closed Protocol

Systems in this category are manufactured, installed and maintained by the manufacture only.

All equipment supplied and installed by Flamefast is open protocol from tried and trusted manufacturers, which gives you the confidence that the essential component parts are freely available to all reputable fire systems companies and product wholesalers, thereby giving you a choice of installation, maintenance and service providers.

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