Fire Extinguishers

There are Many Different Types of Fire Extinguishers

Let FlameFast Fire Suppression Find the Right One for You!

Fire should only be tackled using the correct equipment. If not, the result can be either the fire spreading or even an explosion. Whether you’re in need of an ABC powder, AFF foam, water, water mist, wet chemical or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher Flamefast can supply you with an extinguisher suitable for the following class of fires. For more information, please contact us directly.

Flamefast fire suppression fire extinguisher.

Class A fireFlammable solids such as paper, wood, cloth, textiles, straw, coal

Class B fireFlammable liquids such as petrol, fats and oils

Class C fireFlammable gases such as methane, propane, natural gas

Class D fireFlammable metals such as magnesium

Class E fireElectrical fires such as computers, extension sockets, televisions and fuse boards

Class F fireFlammable cooking oils such as sunflower oil, animal fats or olive oil

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