Gas Interlocking

Gas Proving and Gas Interlocking Systems Provide Complete Protection for All Catering Applications and Kitchen Appliances

The GasGuard 1 ™ Gas Proving and Interlocking system provides complete protection for any catering application. The system can be switched from a non proving to proving solution using the same panel. The system can detect all levels of leaks unlike systems using other proving technologies.

The GasGuard 1 ™ is quick and easy to install and provides comprehensive protection against Carbon Dioxide poisoning as well as a dedicated interface for Fire Suppression Systems. The system consists of a wall mounted panel, gas solenoid valve (proving or non-proving) and Carbon Dioxide detector. The actuator is easily fitted into the existing gas supply and no inter-valve pipework is required.

Airflow within the extraction system is detected by either an airflow switch or current detector (both supplied by Flamefast). Providing that airflow is detected at an acceptable rate, gas will be allowed to flow upon turning on the system with the key-switch. All systems are fully compliant with BS6173.

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