Industrial Fryer Protection

Industrial Fryer Protection

The combination of extreme heat and fuel source creates a potential fire risk.

Fire occurs if oil reaches its Auto Ignition Temperature (AIT), therefore cooling the oil after extinguishing a fire is critical to avoid re-ignition.

Strict sanitary regulations and managing the risk of the exposure of employee exposure to fire and /or system discharge increases the challenges when selecting the most appropriate fire protection technology. 

A fire incident presents major risk to business affecting operations across the entire plant, potential loss of equipment assets and production.

An Approved system dedicated to Industrial Fryer Protection

The Tyco AquaMist Industrial Fryer Protection (IFP) is a new oil cooker fire suppression solution.

The system includes Water Mist nozzles, combined with fire detection to provide the best integrated solution to protect the hood area, fine box and stacks.

Of all the fire protection options available specific to this challenge, only water mist is fully tested by third party testing agencies like Factory Mutual (FM) with exhaust hoods both raised and lowered.

To obtain FM approvals, Water Mist must provide both full extinguishment in various dimensioned fryers and rapidly cool oil temperatures below the AIT, minimizing the chance for fire re-ignition after discharge.

AquaMist IFP offers savings to both owners (less downtime) and insurance companies (less downtime and lower clean-up costs).

Industrial Fryer Protection

Watch our Video to see an overview of the system

Tyco AquaMist Industrial Fryer Protection (IFP) Video

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