Water Mist Systems

Water Mist Systems offer an alternative Fire Suppression Solution

Water mist systems offer an alternative fire fighting solution for general applications such as hotels and commercial premises including office blocks as well as more industrial applications such as factory machinery, museums, and telecommunication applications.

Extensively tested and using the very latest technology, water mist systems are installed in the same way as sprinkler system. The difference is that in operation micron sized water droplets are discharged over a wider surface area. By rapidly converting energy to steam the water mist starves the fire of the oxygen it needs to burn. This not only results in a much faster rate at which the water absorbs the heat, but also minimises the damage cause to the surroundings.

Water mist systems are a clean agent suitable for populated areas:

  • Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels & Guest Houses
  • Restaurants
  • Leisure Facilities & Health Clubs

Water Mist Automatic Nozzles

VID Fire-Kill Model OH-L2

Water mist automatic VID Fire-Kill model OH-L2.

VID Model OH-L2 is an automatic low pressure water mist nozzle for automatic fire protection of locations with LR fire hazards such as hotel rooms, small offices, restaurant seating areas and other locations with ceiling heights up to 5.0 m having similar fire hazards.

The Model OH-L2 automatic low pressure water mist nozzle is a modern mean of providing fire protection with water mist. The nozzle design is based upon more than 20 years of experience from designing and manufacturing fire sprinklers and water mist nozzles. Model OH-L2 combines the advantages of the fire sprinkler technology with the advantages of the water mist technology providing the reliability, low water pressure and enhanced fire fighting performances from sprinklers and combining it with the low water requirements from water mist nozzles. The Model OH-L2 is visually discrete, and the nozzles bend into the ceiling surfaces.

Automatic Low Pressure Water Mist Nozzle Model OH-SW

Fire-Kill Model OH-SW is an automatic Low Pressure Water Mist Nozzle for automatic fire protection of locations such as hotel rooms, hospital rooms, offices, homes and other locations with up to 3m ceiling height having similar fire hazards.

Fire-Kill Model OH-SW Nozzles are designed to be installed on walls in horizontal position. Model OH-SW Automatic Low Pressure Water Mist Sidewall Nozzle combines the best elements of the sprinkler technology and the water mist technology into one product. Model OH-SW Sidewall Nozzles provide the sprinklers high reliability and low water pressures together with the water mist’s high performances and low water flows in one nozzle. The nozzles are installed partly embedded in the wall surfaces. The Nozzle and its rosette design blends into the wall surfaces and make a visual discrete nozzle installation in the fire protected locations.

Water Mist Open Nozzles

Water mist nozzle and pipe system

Nozzle & Pipe System (N-Pipes)

N-Pipes are installed for fire protection of process areas, machinery spaces, storages, cable tunnels and local applications like below escalators and around turbines etc. and other areas where simultaneous activation of multiple nozzles are required.

Water mist atrium fire protection system

Atrium Fire Protection System (APS)

APS Systems are utilised to protect the unique environment of buildings which maintain an Atrium.

Low pressure water mist nozzles

Low Pressure Water Mist Nozzles (Type B – BM-1 & B1)

Type B Nozzles are a series of nozzles that distribute water mist when water pressure is applied to the nozzle inlet.

They are installed in fire fighting systems requiring physical ridged fire protection nozzles and reliable water mist distribution.

Type B nozzles are used in local application and or room fire protection systems, and full flooding fire protection systems.

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