Sprinklers set to be made compulsory in residential buildings above six storeys (11m)

Whilst the Grenfell Inquiry has been paused due to Covid-19, ministers have announced another overhaul of building regulation with the aim to improve fire safety. `The measures, which will apply to all new builds over 11 metres, come as part of a wider government initiative to improve fire safety following the tragic Grenfell Tower. This new fire safety programme comes a month after Rishi Sunak announced £1bn to remove all types of dangerous cladding with the new Building Safety Fund.



Fire & Security Compliance during the Coronavirus pandemic

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the globe, more companies are adopting stronger measures to protect employees from contracting and spreading the virus.

However, as our work practices, movements and behaviour changes, businesses should also consider how their fire and security systems can help them mitigate risks in the wake of COVID-19.

Fire safety during the Coronavirus pandemic

During this extraordinary situation, it must be noted that fire safety cannot be put on hold. Fire does not discriminate, and it is important that your fire safety policy is well maintained appropriately.

Maintaining regular inspections, at specific periods and intervals, is a firm requirement under British Standards which informs your compliance under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and potentially, your insurance providers.

We would encourage all of our customers, at this time, not to attempt to disrupt the ongoing planned preventative maintenance regime of their fire and security systems. You still have an obligation to maintain systems and carry out your legal duties regarding fire protection within the property.

Restriction of access to site

It is understandable that premises management would be restricting access for fire safety providers to their buildings at present. It is also very understandable that business continuity and the welfare of staff is your primary concern.

If your business premises are now closed this could be an ideal time to ensure your fire safety systems and provisions have been or could be maintained suitably according to legislation. You may want to consider scheduling in maintenance so that your premises are occupied some of the time. It also allows the opportunity to undertake work with unimpeded access.

However, we must stress only do this at present if it is safe to do so. If you are unable to fulfil your scheduled maintenance of fire safety provisions, please take measures to ensure any people in the building will remain safe (and document actions) and return to your regular fire safety policy and scheduled work/maintenance when appropriate. Your specified fire safety providers/local Fire and Rescue Service will be able to advise further.

Empty Premises

Loss prevention and risk reduction measures should be considered for all buildings in the event of closure, even if it’s only temporary. Unoccupied properties are vulnerable to fire, theft and malicious damage and need to be managed accordingly.

Fires starting in unoccupied premises feature prominently in UK loss statistics. Causes of fire are mainly arson-related, but also include electrical faults in fixed wiring. In addition, theft of contents and fixtures and fittings, vandalism, occupation by squatters are common, especially when routine site inspections are not carried out.

A well installed, tested and maintained fire alarm and intruder alarm system is essential to provide an early warning sign that there is an issue in your building. These systems should be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to support prompt notification and response to any activation.

Security systems are usually deactivated and activated on a daily basis, so you would know immediately if there is an issue. Fire systems and provisions are not, which is why a regular maintenance schedule is vitally important (and a legal obligation) to ensure these are fully operational in the event of fire.


In the event of a lockdown, the fire protection industry has strongly advised Government that Third Party Certificated fire safety providers are listed as KEY WORKERS, and this has now been confirmed by James Brokenshire, Minister of State for Security at the Home Office:

“Security & fire safety personnel can play a vital role at this time of national challenge. People working in these sectors who are essential to national infrastructure are “Key Workers” for the purposes of the Government’s guidance on COVID-19”

Emergency callouts could prevent any additional/unnecessary false alarms for example. This will reduce any strain on emergency services from attending with additional responsibilities they may face moving forward.


Our services are critical to the COVID-19 response, and are critical to the operation of our customers within the critical sectors detailed by the Cabinet Office including; Health & Social Care (NHS), Education & Childcare, Key Public Services, Local & National Government, Food & Other Necessary Goods, Public Safety & National Security, Transport, Utilities, communication and financial services. Examples of customers we deliver to within these sectors is available.

Fire Safety & Security: Keeping Critical Sectors and their users safe and secure through the delivery of fire alarm and detection system testing, fire extinguisher testing, fire suppression system testing, sprinkler system testing, security system maintenance, providing critical alarm monitoring services and emergency lighting system maintenance. Security services essential to public safety including essential alarm monitoring, CCTV system maintenance and monitoring, panic alarms, nurse call systems and intruder alarms.


The services that our group provides are essential to our client’s operations and we recognise the great trust and reliance that our clients place in us to provide these critical services without disruption to keep them safe and compliant with health & safety legislation.

Marlowe Plc provides essential health and safety services, which assure safety and compliance with the following legislation. The requirements to follow this legislation and guidance have not been reduced by the pandemic: Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO); NPCC; DPA; Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; ACOP L8 Regulation; Workplace Health & Safety and Welfare; Control of Substances Hazardous to Health; TR19 Ventilation and Air Quality.

If our ability, to deliver our Key Services through our KEY WORKERS, to the identified Critical Sectors is disrupted then it will place those working within the Critical Sectors at risk and may result in a disruption in their ability to support us in overcoming this crisis.

We hope all our customers remain safe and well during this period of uncertainty. If you require any additional services or support, please Contact Us.

Coronavirus update 19.03.2020


19.03.2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 

The health, safety and wellbeing of all our Employees and those we come in contact with is of paramount importance. 

We are closely monitoring available information from Public Health England (PHE) and the World Health Organisation on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure that appropriate measures are taken by all Team Members to mitigate the spread of the virus.

We are pleased to confirm that our operational capacity and ability to deliver our services and solutions have in no way been compromised by the pandemic thus far.

However, we have taken appropriate and sensible steps to mitigate further risks to our Team Members and the delivery of our critical life safety and security services. 

  • All Engineering Employees have been issued with hand wipes and alcohol based sanitiser, appropriate PPE (including gloves and masks) and a specific Risk Assessment relating to risk reduction.

  • All non-critical, face to face meetings have been converted to teleconferencing, postponed.

  • All office based Employees who can work from home have been encouraged to do so. We are currently in the process of configuring a number of additional remote desktops for our office based Employees to enable a greater proportion of home working without reducing the capabilities of our 24/7 Call Receipt and Service Centre.

As your contracted fire life safety and security service provider we would encourage all of our customers, at this time, not to attempt to disrupt the ongoing planned preventative maintenance regime of your fire and security systems. Maintaining regular inspections, at specific periods and intervals, is a firm requirement under British Standards which informs your compliance under the Regulatory Reform fire safety Order (RRO) and potentially, your insurance providers.

During this busy period, we are encouraging all customers to communicate with us via email, wherever possible, to enable us to provide you the most responsive service.

Our 24/7 Alarm & Video Receiving Centre is functioning as normal. In accordance with NSI guidelines, in the event that we encounter any resource or capacity challenges, we will prioritise all life alarms and fire alarms over lower priority events and telephone calls. In the event of that the pandemic creates a severe capacity challenge event, and reduces staffing levels beyond acceptable levels, we have the ability to switch to our automatic alarm handling facility, to ensure continuity of service and the protection and security of your sites.

At this time, we would like to assure you of our commitment to fulfilling our promise to you, to support you in protecting your people and property, while providing you with peace of mind. 

Best regards

Robert Flinn

Chief Executive Officer

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global pandemic and our operations will be subject to evolving Government policy and their guidance will take priority over this statement.

Coronavirus update   

11.03.2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 

In light of recent advancements regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring this a public health emergency of international concern, we are asking that all of our external Stakeholders including but not limited to; Sub-Contractors; Suppliers and Customers, take the appropriate action to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We ask that anybody who may be an infection risk to refrain from entering any of our properties or sites.

Individuals deemed to be at risk include those who: 

  • Have travelled to the ‘affected areas’ in the last 14 days (please refer to recognised organisations such as the WHO or Government updates for current listings of affected areas. Please note these lists are being updated and evolving daily)
  • Have been in close contact with somebody from the ‘affected areas’ within the last 14 days
  • Have been in contact with a person who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19

If any of the above apply, then the individual should not attend any of our properties or sites for 14 days from the time of return travel or until they have been symptom free for 14 days.

As a precautionary measure, in the short to medium term, we ask that all external Stakeholder meetings are held where possible via conference call facility rather than face to face in order to limit the potential risk to all parties.

We ask that you please notify your contact within our organisation immediately to report anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 who has recently worked in or attended one of our sites.

Anybody who believes they may have been exposed to COVID-19 or is experiencing any symptoms should contact NHS 111 immediately. In these circumstances, individuals should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital in order to help protect themselves and others.

As a Division, we are working tirelessly to help reduce the risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst our Employees. The below control measures have been taken to assist with this and we are reviewing the situation daily and acting in accordance with Government advice:

  • All office based Employees have access to hand wipes and alcohol based sanitiser for use in addition to soap and water
  • All fabric towels have been removed from our premises to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • All Engineering Employees will be issued with hand wipes and alcohol based sanitiser and are requested to carry them at all times
  • The requirement for Engineering Employees to wear the relevant PPE whilst on site is reinforced including gloves and face masks
  • Cleaning products have been issued to office based Employees for the cleansing of work equipment such as computers, phones and keyboards
  • Company canteen facilities and other eating areas are to receive a deep clean to minimise the risk of the spread of the virus
  • In preparation for further advancement of the virus, appropriate plans have been implemented to enable support staff to work remotely from our offices
  • Engineering employees will be provided with an additional risk assessment to follow on all customers sites specifically relating to the risk reduction of contracting the infection

Please be reminded, the WHO recommends basic preventative actions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Such actions include:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Use an alcohol based hand sanitiser (60% alcohol at least), if soap and water are not available
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Stay at home when you are sick and seek medical attention as necessary
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and dispose of the tissue immediately

Additional information about COVID-19 and regular updates may be found on the WHO and Government websites.

Best regards

Robert Flinn

Chief Executive Officer 

 Managed Occupational Health  


We are delighted to announce that Marlowe plc has acquired Managed Occupational Health Limited (MOH).

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Norwich, Managed Occupational Health is a leading national provider of occupational health services. Managed Occupational Health employs approximately 70 staff, including 40 technicians, nurses and doctors who provide recurring occupational health advice, assessments and monitoring to help employers comply with health and safety legislation and assure the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their employees.

The business works across a broad range of sectors including education, financial services and food processing. The acquisition marks a further step in Marlowe’s strategy of building an end-to-end provider of regulated compliance services and offers synergies with the Group’s existing Health, Safety and Compliance businesses.

Alex Dacre, Chief Executive of Marlowe plc, said:

“In acquiring Managed Occupational Health, we are continuing to scale Marlowe’s leading health and safety operations and extending our capabilities to work with clients across the full spectrum of their compliance needs. The business operates nationally in an attractive and underserved market in which we see significant growth opportunities.”

 ENSE Awards  


Flamefast Fire Systems are excited to have been shortlisted in the ENSE 2020 Awards.

ENSE is the premier buying consortium of catering equipment and supplies in the UK and each year their distributor and supplier members are honoured with awards, the winners chosen by their trading partners.

We are nominated in the ‘Associated Products and Services’ category for our work delivering comprehensive fire protection solutions across the commercial kitchens of many of the UKs leading brands.

The winners will be announced at the Spring Conference Gala Dinner taking place at the Hilton Hotel Wembley.

Congratulations to the other nominees and we look forward to joining you all on the 31st March.

For more information, head to

 Coronavirus statement  


Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement

Following the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, we are working with our Supply Chain Partners to ensure minimum disruption for our customers and continuation of our supply routes.

As a market leading fire life safety and security service provider and key member of the Marlowe Fire & Security Group of companies, we have access to an extensive and diverse supply chain, governed by and incorporated into our Business Continuity Strategy. Our Business Continuity Strategy ensures that should one supplier fail us, for any reason, we have an alternative route to the product we specify.

We source solely from distribution and manufacturer partners within the UK. All product sourced from China and elsewhere across the world by our Partners is held on mass within the UK.

Following the news of the outbreak, we have communicated directly with all key Supply Chain Partners who have assured us that they are maintaining sufficient stock within their UK facilities and have assigned particular stock to our account to ensure continuous supply for the foreseeable future.

We will continue to communicate regularly with our Supply Chain Partners to ensure we have the most up to date information available, and to keep our customers informed of any changes in potential impact.

The latest information on coronavirus is available at:

FIRAS logo  


Flamefast Fire Systems Ltd achieves FIRAS certification for the installation of Residential & Domestic Sprinkler Systems

We are delighted to announce that through our dedication to the highest standards we have successfully completed the necessary stages for certification under the FIRAS scheme for Residential Sprinkler Systems.

This achievement, adds to our existing accreditations, reflects the hard work of our Team Members and dedication throughout the business to the continual improvement of standards.

What is FIRAS?

FIRAS is a voluntary, third party certification scheme for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems, operated by Warringtonfire and accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

Warringtonfire’s FIRAS scheme for installers has been instrumental in improving the installation and maintenance standards of passive and active fire protection products and systems.

FIRAS is the mark of endorsement of competency in the installation of products and systems, vital for achieving the protection required.

Why choose a FIRAS certified installation contractor?

FIRAS certified contractors are required to undergo a three-stage assessment process, and only when the applicant contractor has satisfied all of these criteria is certification granted:

1. Assessment of office management systems
2. Assessment of workmanship of site for all trade disciplines for which certification is sought
3. Competence assessment of supervisory and installation employees

All FIRAS site inspectors and sprinkler engineers have technical and practical knowledge and experience in fire protection.
As a FIRAS certified contractor Flamefast Fire Systems is subject to an annual audit of our offices and ongoing, random surveillance site inspections where competence and workmanship are assessed.

As a requirement of the FIRAS Scheme, contractors certified under the scheme for installers of residential and domestic sprinklers have system designs randomly checked to appropriate standards in addition to site inspections.

FIRAS certified contractors are required to log 'contracts in hand' on the FIRAS online database. A 'Certificate of Conformity (Compliance)' for the completed works is issued from the FIRAS online database

Nigel Roddie, Managing Director of Flamefast Fire Systems commented:

“We are delighted to have expanded our accreditations to incorporate the delivery of Residential Sprinkler Systems under the FIRAS scheme. The accreditation recognises the professionalism that we strive for and provides assurance to our customers that the work will be carried out correctly, in accordance with industry standards. This award allows us to further support our customers in meeting their legal obligations and developing a fit for purpose fire life safety strategy, ensuring they protect their people and property.”

 Eurosafe logo  


We are delighted to announce that Marlowe plc has acquired Eurosafe UK Group Limited.

Formed in 1996, Eurosafe provides a range of safety consultancy services encompassing asbestos consultancy, construction design management and contractor safety accreditation. Eurosafe is headquartered in York and operates nationally.

The acquisition is a further step in Marlowe’s strategy of building an end-to-end provider of regulated compliance services and will fall into the Health & Safety Compliance Division of Marlowe Critical Services.

 Christmas and New Year Opening Times 2019/2020  


Christmas and New Year Opening Times 2019/2020

With Christmas just around the corner, we would like to confirm the availability of our Customer Service, Sales and Support Teams during the festive period.

Should you need us over the festive break our Emergency Call Out Facility is operating as normal. To contact us please call 01933 420733.

Please be aware our Sales Administration, Finance and Central Support Teams will be on annual leave from 12 noon on Tuesday 24th December returning to work on 2nd January 2019.

We would like to wish all our customers a safe and Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

 Saunasafe logo  


SaunaSafe saves lives

We were recently informed that our SaunaSafe Sauna Fire Suppression System had successfully activated in a sports and leisure facility in the South West of England following an electrical fire occurring within the sauna.

The fire was successfully suppressed and controlled, the alarm raised and the building fully evacuated.

The SaunaSafe system prevented a major fire loss in this non sprinkler protected building and the sauna was operational after just a few days.

About SaunaSafe

In 2013 Flamefast Fire Systems decided to take a fresh approach to providing fire suppression to Sauna fires.  The majority of existing systems on the market were high pressure water mist based on cylinder based systems and activated by sprinkler bulb unusually rated at 182 degrees centigrade.  These had a short time to discharge water mist, high activation time and encountered issues on the ability to suppress a fire such as doors open and ventilation effecting the discharge pattern of the mist.

We designed a new system called Saunasafe and set out some key parameters

Early warning detection of smoke.

Shut down of heater on fire detection

Rapid suppression of the fire

Low pressure water mist which can connect direct to mains water supply

Pump & Tank Option Available

Quick and easy installation/retro fit

Space saving system

Can be interfaced into Fire alarm/BMS

Environmentally friendly

At Flamefast we recognise the importance of third party testing and approvals and investigated what testing and approvals we could undertake to gain that all important third party approval.  We were disappointed that there were no testing or approvals we could put our product through.

Through discussions and technical assessment with Zurich Risk Engineering Team and Danish Fire Laboratories a robust and repeatable fire test protocol was developed we then submitted our Saunasafe system for testing.  The system passed all tests and provided great results.

We have installed a high number of systems since that date and are pleased to see evidence that our system has worked fast, efficiently as tested and extinguished a fire before any damage to the sauna or indeed any loss of property or business by the customer.

For more information about our SaunaSafe Sauna Fire Suppression System, click here

 Law at Work logo  


Marlowe plc acquires Law At Work

We are delighted to announce that Marlowe plc has acquired Law At Work (Holdings) Limited, trading as Law At Work (“LAW”).

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Glasgow, LAW is a leading national provider of subscription-based employment law compliance and health and safety services. LAW employs approximately 70 staff, more than half of whom are employment lawyers, HR compliance professionals and health and safety consultants, whose advice and consultancy ensures that commercial organisations remain compliant with employment law and health and safety legislation.

The acquisition is a further step in Marlowe’s strategy of building an end-to-end provider of regulated compliance services and offers synergies with the Group’s existing Health, Safety and Compliance businesses, in particular William Martin.

Alex Dacre, Chief Executive of Marlowe plc, said:

“By acquiring Law at Work, a business which helps clients to mitigate their employee-related risk and assure their health & safety performance, we are both strengthening Marlowe’s leading health and safety operation and significantly advancing our capabilities to work with clients across the full spectrum of their compliance needs. The business, which delivers subscription-based consultancy services, operates nationally in an attractive and underserved market in which we see significant growth opportunities. The acquisition is a major step in strengthening our position as the UK leader in regulated compliance services to organisations of all sizes.”

FSE logo   


Marlowe plc acquires FSE Fire Safety Systems

We are delighted to announce that Marlowe plc has acquired FSE Fire Safety Systems Limited (FSE).

This acquisition represents the next step in our ongoing growth strategy and Group vision to become the UK’s most trusted name in the provision of regulated compliance services.

Established in 2005, FSE Fire Safety Systems services a wide range of customers from small independent customers to blue chip national clients. Headquartered in Nottingham, FSE employs over 50 fire life safety and security specialists.

As a business FSE provides a broad range of fire and security services which are complimentary to existing Marlowe Fire & Security Group service streams.

FSE is a total fire protection and security system service provider, focusing on the delivery of specialist areas of mechanical fire protection, including; residential and commercial sprinkler systems, dry and wet risers, fire doors, fire stopping and compartmentation.

This enhancement to our Division’s existing expertise strengthens and enhances our existing capabilities and national coverage.

FSE maintains BAFE, NSI Gold and LPCB certification among many others, and is one of only four companies to hold LPCB accreditation for residential sprinklers installations.

FSE will now sit alongside; BBC Fire & Security, FAFS Fire & Security, Flamefast Fire Systems, Island Fire Protection and Marlowe Fire & Security as an integral part of the Marlowe Fire & Security Group, the Fire Life Safety and Security Division of Marlowe plc. 


 FPA Seminar  


Flamefast Fire Systems attend The Fire Protection Association's ‘Building A Safer Future’ seminar

Following a commitment to improve fire safety regulations within the built environment, 6 June saw the government provide a strong indication on areas, in which we can expect to see a long awaited change. These new proposals are intended to put residents at the heart of a new regulatory system and provide clarity to what has previously been an ambiguous area.

The Fire Protection Association held an additional one day seminar to endeavour to unravel the government’s response, addressing the detail of proposed changes to both the Building Regulations and Regulatory System.

It looked at standards, testing and approvals for fire protection products and services as well as the proposed new competence regime.

The aim of the seminar was to discuss the following areas: 

  • Summary of the Hackitt review and key outcomes
  • Competence/3rd Party
  • How the enforcement regulation landscape will evolve
  • Competence Regime
  • Standards, testing and approvals
  • Responsible person




Flamefast Fire Systems achieves BAFE SP206 certification

Flamefast Fire Systems is one of the first UK providers to achieve this land mark accreditation.

Launched at the end of 2018 by BAFE - the independent registration body for third party certified fire protection companies - the scheme covers competency for the design, installation, commissioning, recharge and maintenance of kitchen fire suppression systems, reflecting our industry-leading position as a provider of specialist fire life safety solutions.

This achievement evidences how we operate to the highest possible standards. Through this accreditation our customers can be assured of our competency and our dedication to providing them with the highest levels of service.

Managing Director, Nigel Roddie, had this to say of the success:

“This shows our commitment to consistently excellent service and compliance with all regulatory standards. We are proud to be recognised by BAFE for the hard work we put in to protecting our customers and the diligence we strive for day in day out. I’d like to personally thank each member of my team for their continued dedication and hard work in achieving this.”

The SP206 certification complements Flamefast Fire System’s existing BAFE SP203-3 Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems certification.

Since our establishment in 2007, we have become the UK’s leading supplier of Ansul and Fire Suppression Systems. This great accomplishment solidifies our position.




Leave The Office Earlier Day

As today is Leave The Office Earlier Day, you might be planning on beating the rush home or catching up on some long overdue chores?

Alternatively, you could use the extra time to check the safety of your home or business.

Flamefast Fire Systems are dedicated to providing the highest standards of fire life safety.

To find out how we can protect your people and assets, simply submit your details below and one of our advisers will call you to discuss your needs.

So when you’ve left the office early today, remember to use your extra time wisely and click below.

Contact Us




Flamefast Fire Attend McL Fire Suppression Masterclass

Flamefast Fire Systems attended yesterday’s McL Fire Suppression Masterclass in the amazing Crumlin Road Gaol. We were delighted to have Dave Quinney on hand to present the Kitchensafe System and the event was a massive success.

Alongside guests from across the industry, the day culminated with a Q&A session where guests were able to ask the McL team any burning questions.

Thank you to McL for involving us in the superb event and we look forward to attending again next year!

For more information go to our KitchenSafe page






Fire Safety Conference 2019: Building a Safer Future

Great day at the Fire Safety Conference: 'Building a safer future' in partnership with our Marlowe Critical Services partners; Ductclean UK and Marlowe Fire & Security.

Ian Stamps was on hand to discuss the latest in compliance and risk assessment, and how Flamefast Fire Systems can support you in ensuring your site is protected.

Find out more 




World Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday marked the start of World Mental Health Awareness Week, an important event allowing the exploration of this often neglected subject. More importantly, it is an opportunity to remove some of the preconceptions that, unfortunately, still surround this area of our everyday health.

According to the mental health charity, Mind, ‘approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year’. This includes anything from anxiety and depression, to more severe bipolar and psychotic disorders. Whatever forms they take, their impact can be extremely distressing; that’s is why it’s so important to bring these issues to wider public awareness and start to break down any stigmas that still exist.

Flamefast Fire & Security is dedicated to recognising the mental health needs of its Team Members and providing appropriate support where it is needed. Accordingly, we created our Adult Mental Health First Aid training days; representatives from across the company meet to discuss Mental Health issues, learn from shared experiences and outline how the business can support the Mental Health needs of our Team Members.

To learn about our commitment to supporting the good Mental Health of our people, Contact Us




Bank Holiday Contact Details

We hope that Monday’s Bank Holiday means you can enjoy a relaxing long weekend!

While our main offices will be closed until Tuesday 7th May, our Customer Service Team will still be available to should you need to contact us for any reason.

For full details of how to reach us, go to our Contact Us page




Ansul Fire Suppression

Flamefast Fire Systems are a major supplier of Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression Solutions. Commercial kitchen areas are a significant fire risk to many buildings, including restaurants, hotels and schools with café or canteen facilities.

We recognise that these unique work spaces need cutting edge technologies in order to fully protect people and assets. ANSUL® restaurant fire suppression systems have been designed to rapidly detect and combat kitchen fires, protecting more food service kitchens from fire than any other brand.

Our Team will work closely with you to ensure that we provide the correct system and solution for your needs. From the initial design, right through to the installation and maintenance of your system, our team will endeavour to provide you with industry-leading levels of service.

Find out more about our Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression Solutions




Flamefast Fire Provide The World's First Dedicated Sauna Fire Suppression System

SaunaSafe has achieved third party approval from the world-renowned Danish Fire Laboratories (DFL) testing house in Svendborg and has been endorsed by global insurance giants, Zurich.

The SaunaSafe Low pressure water mist system was tested under strict conditions and to a draft approval, which was independently verified and given the high accolade of “acceptable” by Zurich’s experienced Fire Risk aversion team.

Find out more about our specialised SaunaSafe system





Flamefast Fire Provide Comprehensive Range of Suppression Solutions

Flamefast Fire Systems offer a comprehensive range of fire suppression solutions.

Whatever your business needs in order to protect its people and assets, we can provide the system to do the job.

From Restaurants and Industrial Fryers to Domestic and Residential Kitchen Suppression, Flamefast Fire Systems will survey your precise requirements and supply the bespoke solution.

Find out more about our Fire Suppression solutions 






Flamefast Attend the ENSE Spring Conference 2019

On Monday 25th March, the ENSE Spring Conference began with the first of a three-day program and Managing Director Nigel Roddie was in attendance on behalf of Flamefast Fire Systems.

As the premier buying consortium of catering equipment and supplies in the UK, their event was an excellent opportunity to showcase the products and services we can offer.

The conference proved a resounding success, and Nigel was able to build new relationships with potential partners and develop existing ties with industry-leading organisations.

For more information about, go to the ENSE website

To discover more about the range of systems and services we can provide to the catering industry, click here




We Are Hiring!

Flamefast Fire Systems are hiring in a variety of positions. We understand that the driving force behind our success is our people, so that’s why we are constantly searching for individuals to join our already excellent Team Members.

 We manage the fire life safety systems of the UKs leading organisations, providing protection of both their property and people. What we do is important and we need our Team Members to recognise this; they must take pride in what they do and demonstrate commitment to delivering the highest level of service to both external and internal customers.

 If this sounds like you, then find out more on our Careers page.




Stay Protected!

Flamefast Fire Systems offer a range of fire life safety solutions that keep your people and property fully protected.

From initial design, installation and commission through to ongoing maintenance and monitoring of mechanical fire suppression systems, we manage the entire Life Cycle of your system.

To find out more about how we can keep you protected, click here




Mental Health First Aid

According to the mental health charity, Mind, ‘approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year’. This might include anything from anxiety and depression, to the more severe bipolar and psychotic disorders. Whatever forms these health problems may take, the impact on each individual can be extremely distressing and affects many areas of their life.

Marlowe Critical Services is dedicated to recognising the mental health needs of its team members and providing useful and appropriate support when needed. That’s why we have decided to offer Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training; as part of a wider initiative, this reflects our commitment to a more proactive approach in caring for and supporting the wellbeing of all employees.

On Thursday the 7th March, volunteers from across the Fire division came together at our Risley Offices for the first Adult Mental Health First Aid training day. Designed to help them recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. The course is also intended to encourage people to talk more freely about mental health, reducing stigma and creating a more positive culture.

The day proved a resounding success, and attendees were quick to comment on how useful and worthwhile the training had been. Here are just some of the messages received:

“The day was very informative and I think it will be a huge benefit for the business moving forward”

“Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed it very much and found it very interesting”

“I really enjoyed the day, the instructor put everything across in a way that was easy to understand. I am sure it will benefit the business going forward”

We’d like to thank all of the volunteers for giving their time to participate and for engaging so thoroughly with the training!

Learn more about Adult Mental Health First Aid




CHAS Accreditation

Flamefast Fire Systems is pleased to announce that following a period of assessment, we have been accredited within the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

We would like to thank our dedicated Compliance Team and Operational Teams for their hard work in achieving this important certification.

CHAS is an authority in health & safety compliance, setting benchmarks that drive their goal of improving standards throughout the industry.

This accreditation provides our customers with the reassurance that we comply with and correctly manage all current health and safety legislation.

To find out more about how we can support you in maintaining your compliance, please email




SafeContractor Recertification


We are delighted to announce that we have passed our audit and have been re-certified under the SafeContractor scheme.

SafeContractor is a SSIP (Safety Schemes In Procurement) approved health and safety assessment scheme for contractors who want to demonstrate that they’re taking responsibility for their legal health and safety requirements.

Regarded as one of the UK’s leading health and safety accreditation schemes, Alcumus SafeContractor has been working with contractors for nearly 20 years to ensure their legal compliance.

SafeContractor provides our customers with confidence that our operational and administrative processes are maintained to the highest standards.

Our thanks to our dedicated Compliance Team and Operational Teams for this achievement.

The SafeContractor scheme provides our customers with the following benefits:


  • Reducing risk by ensuring that contractors maintain comprehensive health and safety processes and controls
  • Cost-effectively managing contractor lists, relieving our customers of the administrative cost of maintaining these in house
  • Continually monitoring and auditing contractors compliance, enabling our customers to identify contractors who are posing a risk to their business
  • Supporting them in meeting their legal health and safety requirements and providing the supporting evidence
  •  Providing visibility of and access to approved contractors via the online client portal




Ansul R102 Restaurant Fire Suppression Demonstration

Yesterday, we demonstrated the Ansul R102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System in a special fire test room facility to show customers the fast knockdown of oil based fires in a deep fat fryer.

For more information, go to our Ansul R102 page.




Marlowe plc acquires Atana Limited

Marlowe plc, the support services group focused on acquiring and developing companies that provide regulated inspection, testing and compliance services for commercial properties, announces that it has acquired Atana Limited, a leading provider of wastewater treatment solutions to commercial organisations across the UK.

Atana provides recurring services which ensure compliance with wastewater discharge regulations and reduces waste disposal costs.

Alex Dacre, Chief Executive of Marlowe plc, said:

“The acquisition of Atana accelerates Marlowe’s strategy of broadening the capabilities of our Water Division across the entire regulated water management cycle. It enables us to provide additional water services to our customers and strengthens our competitive proposition and ability to cross-sell, both within and across our operating divisions.”




Delivering A Compliant Solution

On 17th of January 2019, DCUK FM hosted our inaugural Cross Divisional Partnership meeting.

26 members of our Account Management, Sales and Operational Delivery teams met to discuss how we can best support our customers in ensuring their compliance.

Our unique strength is that as a part of Marlowe Critical Services, we can provide our customers a range of closely related critical testing and maintenance services, delivered by one of our specialist Divisions.

Our Divisions include: 

Property Risk Compliance
Fire & Security
Water Treatment & Hygiene
Air Quality

Individually, our Divisions are leaders in our respective fields but together we form part of a group that can provide our customers with a comprehensive and integrated approach to their safety, regulatory compliance and the upkeep of the building systems they rely on.

This approach enables; more convenience, better across the board compliance, greater consistency and the benefits of a trusted in-depth relationship.

More importantly, our size, range and extensive national footprint give our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can count on us as a member of Marlowe Critical Services to deliver the mission critical services that are so vital to them every day of the year in every part of the UK.

The day presented an excellent opportunity for diverse team members to interact, share ideas and discuss the exciting possibilities ahead for Marlowe Critical Services.

4 Divisions. One Standard. Everywhere.

 For more information, go to our Marlowe Critical Services page.


William Martin logo



Marlowe plc acquires William Martin Compliance Solutions Limited

We are delighted to announce that Marlowe plc has acquired William Martin Compliance Solutions Limited.

Formed in 2004, William Martin is a leading technology-enabled provider of property-related health and safety audit and consultancy services. It provides recurring consultancy alongside its proprietary software-as-a-service compliance platform, Meridian, to a wide range of commercial customers across the UK to ensure the regulatory compliance of their property portfolios in areas such as health & safety, fire safety, water safety, asbestos management and contractor management.

The business employs approximately 100 staff and has offices in London, Leeds and Norwich.

Marlowe plc has a clear focus on becoming the leading name in the provision of critical and regulated testing, maintenance and risk management services to commercial buildings across the UK. We provide Fire & Security installation and maintenance, Water Treatment & Hygiene, Asbestos Testing & Inspection, Asbestos Remediation, Ventilation Hygiene amongst many other services.

Our business provides closely related services which deliver a comprehensive approach to our customers’ safety, regulatory compliance and the upkeep of the building systems they rely on. The acquisition significantly develops the Group’s capabilities to provide a comprehensive range of closely related property compliance services.

Alex Dacre, Chief Executive of Marlowe plc, said:

“The acquisition of William Martin significantly accelerates our strategy of providing our customers with a comprehensive one-stop approach to their health & safety and regulatory compliance needs. William Martin is a market leader which shares a similar channel to market with our existing businesses and benefits from strong relationships with customers who place a high value on the consultancy and software services. We are confident that this acquisition will generate attractive returns for Marlowe’s shareholders.”


Hackitt Review Update Seminar



Hackitt Review Update Seminar

We are delighted to announce that we are attending the Hackitt Review Update Seminar on the 3rd of December 2018.

Organised by the Fire Protection Association (FPA), this event is aimed at those concerned with the implications of the Government response to the Hackitt Review. Bringing together industry professionals to provide expert guidance on British Standards and testing, product selection and legislative change.

Highlighting the implications of each area and the impact this may have on your business.

Flamefast Fire Systems will be on hand to discuss the latest in innovative active fire life safety technology and application. 

For more information on the Seminar and the total range of fire life safety solutions and services we offer email

Alternatively, head over the FPA websites for full details on how you can register to attend.

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) is the UK’s national fire safety organisation and is one of 28 similar national bodies worldwide. They work to identify and draw attention to the dangers of fire and the means by which the potential for loss is kept to a minimum.

Since the FPA’s formation in 1946 they have attained an unrivalled reputation for quality of work and expertise in all aspects of fire including research, consultancy, training, membership, publications, risk surveying and auditing.

Their products and services are designed to assist fire, security and safety professionals like Flamefast Fire Systems achieve and maintain the very highest standards of fire safety management.


Cyber Essentials



Flamefast Fire Systems awarded Cyber Essentials Certification

We are pleased to announce that Flamefast Fire Systems has been awarded Cyber Essentials Certification.

Cyber Essentials is the government scheme for businesses to prove their commitment to cyber security. The scheme is part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Program.

Attaining this certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting our customer’s peace of mind.

IT Manager, Matthew Poulter explains: “We understand the importance of cyber security. By obtaining the Cyber Essentials Certification we are demonstrating our commitment to the prevention of cyber-attacks. I am absolutely thrilled that we have proven our capabilities to ensuring the highest levels of protection”.

For more about Cyber Essentials please visit


 Ansul Distributor of the Year



Flamefast Fire Systems awarded ANSUL Distributor of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Flamefast Fire Systems has been awarded ANSUL Distributor of the Year for the 7th time!

On 26th September 2018, Flamefast Fire Systems attended the annual ANSUL EMEA Restaurant Systems Distributor Conferenc


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